Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It has to start somewhere!

I thought I would start my first post with telling you about my self, and why I have decided to start blogging.

I married my high school sweet heart in 1992 (we met when I was 13 in 1985 but didn't start dating until 1988) so we celebrate 20 years of being together this year (2008). We have 2 wonderful boys aged 14 and 11 who are very different from each other but bring us lots of joy and happy moments.
We live in my childhood home that we bought from my parents 4 years ago, and my parents live in a new house right next door which is great (we have a gate in our fence so we can pop in whenever we want). My mum is my best friend and we have very similar interests, especially craft and cooking. I have learned nearly everything I know from her, she is amazing.

I am involved in a churches Ladies Craft group where I have the priviledge of running the Cafe every Friday morning and have taught a craft session or two over the past 8 years.
I love doing stitcheries and have a thing for making bags. I have designed a few things of my own and have even sold a few of my items.
I have just recently discovered the world of Scrapbooking and card making. I have always had a love for stationery and papers so this craft suits me to a 'T'.
I also love to crochet and find this to be a very relaxing thing to do while watching TV as it doesn't require huge amounts of concentration.