Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space - Again

It seems that this is all I am blogging about lately, but at least it keeps me up to date and on track. Although it only seems like yesterday that I last blogged.
I have made more progress on this....
the colours are much more vibrant in real life. It is now at a size where it actually is starting to keep me warm as I am working on it.

I also managed to pick these fabrics out of my stash....
for the "Paris Collection" bag. I am hoping to have them cut out for next week. I am waiting on some Hanky Linen that I ordered from here so that I can do the stitchery part.

Maybe next week I will have something else to share. We will have to wait and see.

You can see some more creativeness over here.

Until next time....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Creative Space

Isn't it so tidy. I love having a clean slate ready to start some new creating, and some new creating there will be.

I finished off these........
and really love the colour combinations.

I visited Spotlight to get some more Gingham fabric and ended up getting these as well......

and these......

which I am going to use to make this....
I actually won this pattern from Natalie earlier in the year and was waiting for just the right fabric to use with it, and now I believe I found it.

I have found that Spotlight has a great range of 100% cotton fabrics at the moment and it truly is hard to choose. Fortunately I had a voucher for $40 off if you spend $100, which isn't that difficult to do really. So my stash is well stocked at the moment. I am also thinking of making some more crochet edged pillowcases for selling, as they are really quite quick to make and also display the fabrics quite nicely.

You can view some other great Creative Spaces at Kootoyoo. Till next time...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Creative Space...

This week I decided to join the long list of those sharing their creative spaces.
As I have been on holidays from my paying job for the last week and a half, I have had a bit of time to spend in my creative space and a few things have been achieved.
Firstly, I have managed to make 17 of these bags for my "Make It Quick" craft camp project kits

Secondly, I have been continuing to work on the Ripple Blanket.
The sad thing about this is that a day and a half ago this was twice the size, but whenever I looked at it I knew that something wasn't quite right. But silly me kept adding more rows anyway. Then I knew that I just had to rip it back because I hated two of the colours that I had put in there, they just kept jumping out at me. So 28 rows had to be ripped back and hopefully now I will be happy with it and be able to continue on.

Thirdly, I am making up some more "Peg Aprons".
The pink and green number on the top is actually for me, because my current peg apron has a big hole in the back from being well used. The rest will be for sale at the Craft stall at my Craft group in a couple of weeks time.

To be inspired by more creative spaces, hop over to here.

Until next time

Saturday, April 3, 2010