Friday, January 30, 2009

Is It Hot In Here?!

Just thought I would do a quick post to let you know that we are still alive and trying to survive this awful heat wave that seems to have not end. We have had over 43 degree (Celsius) for the post 4 days and the coolest it is supposed to get next week is 38. Thank goodness for good refrigerated air conditioning. We only got our current air conditioner installed just over a year ago and I don't think that we would be surviving without it. We are all currently camping out in the living room as the bedrooms are unbearable, especially our master bedroom which is upstairs and honestly feels like an oven. Your feet actually get really hot when you stand on the carpet, not to mention when using the ensuite. Hopefully there will be a break in the weather before too long and we can then get some decent sleep. 

We had our first week back at Craft today and I was very pleasantly surprised when so many ladies turned up. I thought that no one would really want to come out in this weather. And what surprised me even more was the number of ladies who wanted cappuccinos and hot chocolates. It ended up being a lovely morning, very relaxed as it was registration day so no official craft classes. Just a chance to catch up since Christmas and we will officially start classes next week. I will try and take some photos and show you what is being offered this term.

Well hope you are keeping cool (or warm if you are reading from the other side of the globe) and have a great weekend.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Today is our Australia Day holiday and we did absolutely nothing, it was wonderful. Our last little bit of respite before the year well and truly gets underway starting tomorrow. With our oldest going into year 10 (first year of senior school) and heading into the serious side of studies and our youngest going into year 6 (last year of primary school) with more responsibility and preparing for high school. Today I managed to finish another book which has given me a grand total of 3 for the month so far, I just love a good read. Any way I wish all you Aussies a happy Australia Day and I hope that you all enjoy your first week back at school.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Horrid Job

It is back to school on Tuesday for my boys. My sweetheart started his new job at the same school that my boys go to, so next week will be interesting as it will be the first time that they will all be dropped off together. Pick up will be a different matter as my sweetheart finishes 1 1/2 hours later so we will see what works out best. He may try and catch a bus or I think that it would be easier and cheaper for me to just go back and pick him up.

I had to pick up the school stationery last week and it took me 3 nights to finish the horrid job of covering the 26 exercise books with the chosen contact.

I must admit that I did have one big dummy spit and vowed that I would never do this job ever again as I ripped the contact off the book once again because there were too many wrinkles and the contact split. I am surprised that they haven't invented exercise books with contact on them already. Probably will come into existance when my kids are all finished.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Look What Arrived (at last)

Yes it is my new camera. I now need to do some experimenting to see
what it can do. I know that as with anything practice makes perfect.

I am also experimenting with a new way of posting. Chooky Blue gave great instructions on how to do it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Treasures

I am back from our little break and had a great get away (even though the temperature was unbelievably hot 42 deg C) but that is summer in this part of the country and I don't mind it that much especially if one can live in air conditioning.

Well yesterday I went on a little shopping expedition (all on my own) so took advantage of it and headed into Spotlight. Well, I got some bargains. They had quite a lot of  their quilting fabrics marked down to $8 and $5 per meter so I chose 1/2 meter of each of these...

When the sales lady scanned them in they were even cheaper again, I wished I had got more but then I thought about it and realised that it was enough for now.

I think my favorite one is this ...

I am going to make a bag with it for my niece for her Mrs. Potato Head.

Then there is this selvage ...

which is almost the cutest thing I have seen. I am going to have to find a use for it.

More projects running through my head and now I want to get stuck into something. I am just not sure what yet.

I can't wait for my new camera to arrive as I am sick of having shocking looking photos on here. Hopefully it will be here next week.

Edited to add:
Look what arrived today...
Yes it is the next Pin Cushion of the Month. This time by Leanne Beasley. This kit is amazing value for money as you get patterns and materials for 5 pincushions. They are all really cute. Am looking forward to making these.

I have decided that I really need to do a craft room clean up. My area is so untidy that it keeps putting me off of starting anything. I think that I need to go through my craft cupboard also and sort some stuff out. It is getting a little bit stuffy in there. I am thinking that some more storage boxes are in order to help with the organizing so may need to make a trip to Ikea.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where All Going on A Summer Holiday

If only for a few days. We will leave tomorrow at about 11 am, drive for about 1 1/2 hours and then arrive here.
Just a short break for a couple of days before having to start back at work and real life starts again. 
I will be celebrating my 5th year at my job when I go back which for me is a mile stone. It is the longest time I have been with the same company. Previous to that I had only worked at two other companies and that was for a total of 4 1/2 years before my first son was born. I started my family very early (at 21) but I love the fact that I am still fairly young and can have the energy to have great fun with them. Not to mention the fact that by the time that they leave home my sweetheart and I will still be young enough to enjoy our lives and do the things that we want, like maybe travel o/s. 
I didn't really get as much done this holidays craft wise that I would have liked but I have had a really good rest which I think I needed. I am actually looking forward to going back to work.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Look What I Made!!

I actually did some craft yesterday and I can't believe that this little sock monkey only took me about 2 1/2 hours to make from start to finish. The most time consuming thing was the hand sewing of all the limbs. I really had fun making it and will definitely be making more especially since I bought a three pack of socks in the first place. I did change a couple of things from the original pattern. I used felt for the eyes instead of buttons and I also used the toe part of the sock for the mouth instead of the heal as I thought it looked better with a bigger fatter face.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year!!!! I know it is already into the first week of 2009 but I have been enjoying a relaxing time just reading and chilling out, catching up with family and just generally have a really nice break. 
My sweetheart went back to work today (just for the rest of the week) then he will have another week off before starting a new job. It looks to be a very exciting and interesting year for us. I am in the process of thinking up some ideas for craft project to be taught at Friday Craft this year and have come up with a few, we will be having a meeting in a couple of weeks to get organised so am looking forward to that.                     
I am thinking of doing some craft this week, however, I am really enjoying my reading at the moment so am not sure if any will get done or not. I know I have got some catching up to do with my pincushions but I am sure that they will get done eventually and there is no need to rush. There is also a craft camp coming in May that I will need some projects for and I think that they would be ideal I will see how I go.
We celebrated my nephews 1st birthday while my brother was home from Army training and also my other brother and sister-in-law (and their two children) were here for Christmas. My Mum and Dad made him a Humpty Dumpty cake with a little bit of help from my sister-in-law and niece. I think it turned out really cute. 
You should have seen how careful they were with Humpty's head, it was very fragile as the inside had been blown out. Well my nephew seemed to enjoy his cake, especially the eating part has he ended up with it all over his face and head, it was very cute.