Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Horrid Job

It is back to school on Tuesday for my boys. My sweetheart started his new job at the same school that my boys go to, so next week will be interesting as it will be the first time that they will all be dropped off together. Pick up will be a different matter as my sweetheart finishes 1 1/2 hours later so we will see what works out best. He may try and catch a bus or I think that it would be easier and cheaper for me to just go back and pick him up.

I had to pick up the school stationery last week and it took me 3 nights to finish the horrid job of covering the 26 exercise books with the chosen contact.

I must admit that I did have one big dummy spit and vowed that I would never do this job ever again as I ripped the contact off the book once again because there were too many wrinkles and the contact split. I am surprised that they haven't invented exercise books with contact on them already. Probably will come into existance when my kids are all finished.


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Blossom said...

don't you just HATE that contact should be outlawed!!!