Thursday, October 29, 2009

Organising my Thursday

I have decided to blog a list of what I am planning on doing today.

1. washing (next door as the Washtub Dr. pronounced my 17yr old machine dead on Tuesday).
2. clean bathroom, toilet and ensuite.
3. Sweep and mop floors.
4. start packing for craft camp (it may take the two days to do this).

After reading through this I realised that No.1 should have been blogging and FB.

Let's see how much of this list gets accomplished.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy Bee..

Look what I received a couple of weeks ago........
from one of my favourite designers - Leanne Beasley, and it has some Rosalie Quinlin fabric included to make the table runner. I can't wait to get started on this.

I have been very busy over the last couple of weeks making all of this.........
to sell at craft camp which is now only two weeks away, I still have a few things to add and I am hoping that I will not be all crafted out before I get there. I am planning on taking a few different things to do this time as I am not decided on any particular project.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spring has Sprung.

Spring is finally here and this is what has started blooming in my garden......
I just love the look of bright pink and yellow roses. They are sitting on my table next to my laptop so that I can gaze on them often.

It seems this has now become a once a month blog, but at least it is better than nothing. I just can't comprehend how fast the weeks go by and before I know it another month is gone.
What have I been up to this month? Well I finished this bag.....

and started this one.....
I found this pattern in the October Better Homes and Gardens magazine and just loved it on site. Fortunately I even had all the right coloured wool so didn't need to buy any more. The whole thing is done in single crochet (or double if you use USA terms). I am thinking of lining it with one of these......

I am still continuing with this....
As you can see I only have one more block to do but it seems to be the one that is taking the longest. I think I have just gotten bored with it but will not start the next stitchery of the month project until it is finished.

I am on holidays for a week so am hoping to do some extra projects as I am planning to make some items to sell at Craft Camp which is coming up in only 4 weeks time. I think a list is in order so that I can keep on track as at the moment my brain seems to be all over the place and am finding it hard to stay focused on one thing at a time. I am also trying to come up with some new things to sell that craft ladies would want to buy.

Will blog again soon or maybe in another month. See you then.