Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Newest Hooky Project

I am currently turning this.......
into this.........
it is call the "Wooleater Blanket" and I found it through Thornberry's blog. I decided to do mine using the colours of the rainbow and white in between. I have already done one round of each colour and now am about to repeat them but I am going to do double rounds from now which I think gives more of a scallop look. Not sure yet how big it will be, will just have to wait and see or until I get sick of it.

I also had fun a couple of weeks ago making up some of these "Box Pouches".....
the tutorial came from here and I found it very simple and easy to follow, especially the part where you insert the zip. If I make some more (which I am planning to do some time soon) I think I would make them just a bit longer so that they can be used as pencil cases. They are currently just a tad short to fit a normal sized pen/pencil into.
I am currently thinking of opening up a shop on and putting some of my other crafty items in there. I am just a little scared to take that first plunge as I am worried that no one would want to buy my stuff. Guess I won't know until I try it. Will post on here when it finally happens.

Until next time :o)

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