Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blowing Off The Cobwebs

Yes, it has been a while. I just can't seem to get into a regular pattern with my blogging and before I know it once again months have gone by.
I have been thoroughly enjoying my SFI app on my iPad and love how I can pick it up and read it wherever I am . It has some great quick dinner ideas and is fantastic for a busy mum like myself who realises at 2.30 in the afternoon while sitting at work "goodness, what am I going to do for dinner tonight?". Speaking about my iPad, I have realised that it has become one of those gadgets that I can't get by without, it is sooo useful. I took it away with me to craft camp last weekend and had loaded my craft project instructions onto it as well as all my scraplifts for card making. The only downside was that when I got there I realised that it only had 20% battery time left and I had forgotten to pack my charger. Fortunately, I found someone who had an iPhone and had brought there charger with them and they were happy to lend it to me so it could charge overnight. My iPad was then happy for the rest of the weekend with constant use. You've got to love how Apple have made there devices with the ability to share chargers, it sure helped me out of a sticky situation.
Yes, once again Craft Camp has come and gone. I managed to have quite a productive weekend.
I made these accordion style card holders....
(tutorial found here).

This lovely Stationery Box including A6 size cards, note cards, gift tags and sticky note holder......
(tutorial found here).
Matching birthday card.......

and two other birthday cards........

I did actually have a list of birthday cards to make but ran out of time (and appropriate paper).

Lastly I made these gorgeous little booties for my sister who is expecting her first baby in August.

The pattern for these is called "Newborn Baby Converse Booties"and was found on Ravelry. I couldn't believe how quick they were to make and will probably make a couple more pairs in a bit bigger size for him as he grows. The black back stitching actually looks a lot straighter in real life.

Next time I post I should have finished the "Wooleater" blanket and will show a photo. I really do enjoy crochet and have been teaching the "Wooleater" blanket at my Friday Craft group and I think the ladies have been having a lot of fun learning how to make it. It really is a challenging pattern to do, especially for those who have not done crochet before or not picked up a hook in a while.
I am now in the process of deciding on the next crochet project and am leaning towards either this pattern or this pattern. I am going to purchase some "Red Heart Supersaver" yarn by Coats & Clark as I love the vibrant colours and it is real value as the balls are 200g. Where do you purchase your yarn from? I have found it quite difficult to get yarn at an affordable price in a large range of colours. The best place I have found so far is Yarn Over (formerly American Yarns).

Until next time :o)

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Absolutely the cutest little sneakers...wish I could crochet (not that I haven't tried. Mom used to crochet...I made a