Monday, June 1, 2009

Some Progress was Made

Here I am at craft camp hard at work making my Melly & Me pincushion.
I must admit that I had a lot of frustration making this pattern as there wasn't enough fabric, ricrac or ribbon in the kit so I had to improvise and therefore it took a lot longer to make than planned, but I think that it turned out alright in the end.

As the actual kit didn't have the printed ribbon as was on the original Melly and me items I stamped mine as plain ribbon didn't look quite right to me.

Next I went onto the Leanne Beasley Pincushions and achieved two out of the five. These were really fun to make and I especially enjoyed doing the stitchery.

I also spent some of my time teaching my sister. She actually achieved more than me which was very exciting considering that this was her very first crafting project. She used a pattern that I had written for a s
ewing set and finished all of them with fantastic results. I think that she is a natural and am looking forward to what she will do in the future. 
She also managed to finish one of these thread catchers and it looks great.
I was very impressed with her skills. She managed also to design and make a pouch and would have finished that as well except that she didn't have any fabric for binding, so I will spend some time with her in the near future showing her how to do that. I am so excited that she has found out how much fun craft can be. I think that there may be more crafting days in the future.


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Sarah said...

Oh, I must finish my Pin Cushions of the Month - I have only made the first one, and half made the second!!
x Sarah