Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two more Sleeps

I am getting excited about the upcoming weekend away at Craft Camp. I have spent the week getting organised and putting my projects together, it is so much fun. Maybe I will finally catch up on my crafting things. I have honestly felt as though I have been running backwards on that front.

A weekend away without having to worry about answering the ongoing question of "what's for lunch? What's for tea? I'm hungry, what's there to eat?" is one of the best things about it. Even though my sweetheart does organise the food most of the time on weekends, I still feel the pressure of it, not to mention all the little jobs that need doing and therefore interrupt any time that may otherwise be used for crafting or doing something else that I might like. Don't get me wrong I will miss them all a lot, but it is a good kind of missing, one that makes me appreciate and love them all even more when I come back home. I think every wife and mum needs to have a little getaway time every now and then. It can really help put life back into perspective.

Well I had better not forget to pack the camera and hope to post some good photos showing a productive weekend. Part of the time will be spent teaching my sister a thing or two as she is coming along for the very first time. I am hoping that she will love it as much as I do.

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Blossom said...

it sounds wonderful!!ENJOY!!!!!!!