Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crafting my Time Away

Natalie Lymer of Cinerberry Stitches was this months Stitchery of the Month Contributor. She designed a cute little needle book with matching zippered pouch to carry your project and bits and pieces in. This will come in handy when it gets made, for carrying around future stitchery projects. For those wondering about the Stitchery of the Month Club, there is a link over in my sidebar.

I have still been busy making things for to place on the Craft Stall at Carols Alive. I designed and made these little baby bibs that I have backed using towels.

I had a clean out of my linen cupboard and found an abundance of regular sized bath towels that we recived as engagment and wedding gifts (17 years ago). As all members of my family enjoy using bath sheets these towels are all way too small. Some of the more thicker ones I have given to my beautiful sister in law, but the thin ones make great backing fabric for bibs as well as being very good for wiping faces. One towel was used to make all of these so I guess I will be needing to make some more to get rid of the excess.

I received permission from Mellanie Hurlston of Melly & Me to sell the Kokeshi Softies at our Craft Stall so made some more, I will definately be doing these again.
They were so quick to do and I think they look very cute. I really loved picking out colours in the backing fabric to use for the little Kimono and hair ribbons.
I feel it is important to mention that 10% of all sales at the craft stall are going to this charity and also, if you find a pattern that someone has willingly shared on the Internet, you should ask permission before making them to sell. It is their perogative to say yes or no. And by the way, just using a different fabric, doesn't then mean that you can say it is now your design.

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