Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Day of School & a Sick Little Guy

Yes, today is the official last day of the school year. No more school lunches for the next 6 weeks. Wow six weeks sounds great. I wonder how long until I hear "I'm bored! There's nothing to do!" I actually have 4 of the 6 weeks off myself so it is going to be a great summer break.

My poor little guy (11) is home with a bad case of gastro today and he is terribly upset as he has had to miss out on his last day of school Christmas party, Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) and may even have to miss out on the special graduation event tonight. We are hoping that he may be better by then. He is currently having a really good sleep.

I also thought I would show you a picture of my very first blog prize.

Yes it is a wonderful stitchery from Janet at Wildcraft Farm. I am going to add it to my collection.

Also, do you remember this?

It has now turned into this...

A very cute camera pouch. I quilted it to make it a bit more bump proof, and I really love the way it has turned out. I am actually waiting on a new camera that will fit into it from Fly Buys. It should be here in about 6 weeks (at the end of the holidays).

And here is the Thank you card I made for my 11 yo's class teacher to go with her gift which I had to give her instead of him as he is home in bed.

I gave her the current issue of Handmade magazine, a box of Cadbury Favourites, one of my Needley Bit Stitcheries and a Hand Towel like this one but it has apples on it...

These hand towels are really fun to make and they are great to have on hand as they are a suitable gift for all types of occasions. The Pattern came from Homespun Magazine No.32 Vol.6 No.6. and I have used it a lot. You buy one hand towel and you make it into two because you have to cut it in half. It really is great value for money and they are so handy. I have previously made some for myself and I really do need to do some more.

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