Saturday, March 21, 2009


What inspires you? Well I find inspiration from all sorts of places. Mainly blogland but also books. I found out that my local library had these great books on their shelves so promptly borrowed them. 
After looking through them I have decided that it is going to be very difficult giving them back so have put them on my gift list for 2009. I write this list during the year to help people out with ideas of what to by me for Mothers day, my birthday and Christmas, so am hoping that these will find there way to me on one of these occasions.
The Doodle Stitching book has inspired me to start my own here...
I have stuck pictures of stitcheries that I have seen in blogland and have drawn my own version of them. I have even converted the bottom stitchery into this....
A bottle bottom pincushion with special hand made pins. The pinheads have been made using Shrinky Dinks. These were really fun to make and started out as an experiment that worked out really well.

I went to Spotlight last week as I had a $10 voucher to spend and of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that. 
I found these gorgeous papers....

and matching stickers...
These stickers are great and I will be using these for sure. I actually bought two lots of these. The second lot are in green and brown only but they looked really fun.

Finally I bought some more socks (little 5-8 yr old) to make a couple more sock monkeys.

I should have a finished product to show you next week as they will need to be finished by next Friday. It is registration day next Friday for next terms craft classes and I am teaching a block called "One Week Wonders". I am going to teach the little bottle top pincushions, bottle bottom pincushions (see picture above), tape measure covers, thread holders, Shrinky Dink pins and Sock Monkeys. It will be a full on term but I am really looking forward to teaching these fun projects.
The crochet is coming along really well with my summer bag almost complete. I will post a picture of that next week as well.


Blossom said...

You have books like that at your library???I am sooo jealous!!!

I love the pins.........
maybe I could place an order with you for some??

Judith Tetley said...

I am in love with your pin cushion....well done!
Kind Regards

Emma said...

you do really nice things!!!! :)
The bag is from attic24 right? I want to do it when I find some time :)

I'm starting on my little cyberspace corner, if you want to come and visit: