Monday, March 2, 2009

Where Did February Go?

I can't believe that a month has gone since I posted last and that I didn't even get to post in the month of February. Now what did I get up to last month? Well, I made a few of these...
and some of these...
and one of these.
I received another one of these
and bought this...
I also will show you a photo of our new family member.
We now have identical twins and mine is the older of the two (it is actually just the model previous) I must admit that I feel very spoilt to now own my very own macbook and it is great not having to wait for someone else to finish on the computer so that I can check my emails and blogs. We really are a very geeky family as we now have a computer each and one spare.
We have been having to get used to a new routine now that school is back and everyone is going to the same place. I must admit that I do feel a little like a taxi driver with all the comings and goings to the school because we only have one car. We try to leave home at 7.50am and I drop everyone off at school at 8.00am, I then drive to my work to start at 8.30am (1/2 hour earlier than last year. Fortunately I have a wonderful boss who is happy for me to work the extra ½ hour each day). I leave work at 3.00pm to pick the kids up and usually have to wait in the busy carpark for 15 minutes for the two boys to come to the car. We drive home and I try to get homework started and dinner ready then I wait for my sweetheart to call me to go back to the school to pick him up, which has been at about 6.00pm (he works a very long day usually without a lunch break). Last week was a bit of a break as we had the use of my In-Laws car as they went to Melbourne for the week, so, Sweetheart drove himself and the boys to school and I only had to make one trip up there to pick the kids up.It feels like my life is a bit of a roller coaster at the moment. My brother and his wife with their two littlies left to live in Melbourne last week and I am going to miss them all a lot. I know that my kids are going to miss their little cousins as they just love them to bits, especially my 11yo.
My craft group just had their first Slipper Night for the year and it was Japanese theme this time. I gave a Sushi making demo and I think that it went really well. I just realised that I should have taken some photos of what I did but I was so busy with thinking about what I had to do that the thought didn't even enter my head.
Until Next Time 8o)

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Renee said...

how exciting to have another computer! We just got a second one too which means I can still be reading everyone's blogs when my husband is working!