Monday, July 14, 2008

What I am up to Today

I started my day with some washing and am praying the rain will hold off until it dries.
Did some tidying up from the weekend and thought about what craft project I will work on today.
I think I will try to finish doing the hand applique on my quilt blocks as I have only got two left. 

Then I can think about how I will quilt the fabric squares. It is going to be a queen size quilt cover made with 12" squares. This has been a WIP for about 4 years. I kind of got stuck on it as some of the squares were actually pieced and I decided that I hated them so decided in the end to replace them with plain fabric squares instead. I feel quite keen to finish it now. I find that I get bored with large project so tend to do quick simple ones instead even though I love the finished product with large projects. I guess I just need to realise that some things need to be WIPs and do take some time to complete.
I will let you know the progress of this as it happens. Maybe this blog will be the incentive I need to complete it.

I think I will also work on my scrapbooking project which I will talk about in another post.

1 comment:

Myra said...

Welcome to blogland! Love these blocks! They look great! I look forward to seeing a finished top one day! No pressure... 8-)
One of my daughters is out your way for World Youth Day with the Pope right now...
Happy stitchings!