Friday, November 28, 2008

Can't Believe It's Christmas...

Another week down and now it is only 28 sleeps till christmas. We will be keeping to the Riches Stitches tradition of putting up our tree and decorations on Monday 1st December we feel that 1 month is long enough for having these things around. Quite a few of the decorations are handmade by me and have become favourites. Up until last year (when we got a new and bigger christmas tree) nearly all of the tree ornaments were handmade. I used to put on christmas bears, which I remember making I think for No.1 sons first christmas and also plain gold and red tartan bows. I must admit that I think it looked pretty nice... I managed to dig up a photo.
Now it is covered with coffee, latte and purple coloured baubles and coffee coloured tinsle. I had thought of making some cappuccino cup ornaments but they were going to be too heavy so still have to think that one through not to mention the amount I would need to make so that it doesn't look tacky. The only "odd" ornaments are the baubles that are for "Our first Christmas" and "Baby's First Christmas", I really like to have a neat and coordinated tree otherwise I think it looks messy. I also made a Christmas tree skirt for the bottom to hide the stand. It is a Bareroots pattern that was in Homespun No. 30 Vol.6 No.4. I think it looks lovely under the tree. 
The kids favourite is the advent calendar. This was also from a craft magazine but I  can't remember which one it was. I did change it from the original as I didn't like santa on it as we believe that Jesus it the reason for the season. It is hard coming up with new ideas to put in the little stockings each year but I think the last year was a hit with using Cadbury Favourites.

And lastly (for now) is the angel wall hanging that hangs by the front door. For the rest of the year it hangs upstairs in the foyer to our bedroom.
It is kind of sad that we put in a lot of work and effort on these projects and they only get seen for such a short period of time. But I guess thats one of the things that make the season special.

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Blossom said...

hello there,
thanks for popping over to my blog.
I forgot to tell you.I mailed your goodies off on monday!!!!ugh no brain lately.....

now will YOU be able to wait til xmas day to open it??LOL

feel free to do whatever you like!!