Monday, November 24, 2008

Spirit of Christmas Swap

Well I found out who my swap partner is and because she has me also I guess I can tell you. I was given Blossom so am looking forward to sending a special package her way. I really need to get busy with this as it needs to be posted by next week. I found out that she is very fond of purple, mauve, lilac violet lavender as well as pretty greens like sage and pinks. She likes just about anything except orange and yellow (that is fine by me). Like me she is not that fond of prim but likes brights and florals. She also doesn't mind a bit of shabby chic. Well armed with this information I think I should be able to russle up a little something from my stash as it seems that I have a bit of all of those things in there. I have already chosen the things I am going to create and put together so I will quickly do my chores and then maybe I can get started. It is amazing how quickly the housework can get done when there is a carrot dangling at the end of it (ie crafting time). As this is a surprise meant for Christmas I will not be able to post any photos until after Christmas day as Miss Blossom may be checking out my blog. I am truly looking forward to sharing the Spirit of Christmas with you Blossom.

1 comment:

Blossom said...

Hi there Jane,

nice to *meet* you :)

Nothing like a dealine to get you moving eh????