Friday, August 29, 2008

Stitchers Angel Project

I have started my first 'Stitchers Angel' project. I have decided to start with the project posted by Natalie Lymer of  Cinderberry Stitches which is a cute little mini tote for carrying around those small projects on the go. As my 'Angel' (as I have been told) likes greens, reds, browns and neutral colours I have chosen these to do the stitchery. I think that they will look gorgeous. 
I am sorry that my photos aren't very good but I can only use the camera on my phone and the lighting isn't very good at the moment, but I think you can get the general idea. I am using natural coloured Osnaberg fabric (which is like a linen)  for the stitchery and I will choose the other fabrics when the the stitchery is done as I am not sure just yet as to which ones to use. I am also going to do the Arm chair Caddy using the same threads. I hope that she likes them but I do need to get busy.  I will see how much I can get done over the weekend.

Have a good one 8o)

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