Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Long Weekend

I realised that I forgot to post a picture of the last Pin Cushion of the Month.
This one includes the pattern and fabric for a pincushion, needle book and a wristlet. The fabrics are really lovely and the stitcheries are really simple. It also came with a little pink bird pin. This will be added to the pile to take along to craft camp. Speaking of craft camp, the forms are now available and the camp is on the 22 - 24 May. I can't wait and I am sure that it will be here before I know it.

I finished this stitchery.....
I really love how it came out. The colours of green and orange go so well together so now all I need to do is make it into a bottle bottom pincushion.
(29/10/09) edited to add - This stitchery was inspired by the lovely Cinderberry Stitches and it was made into a needle book.

This Easter weekend has been full of relaxation. I have been drinking lots of these...
The boys have been having fun playing with this (Guitar Hero: World Tour for PS3)....
And my sweetheart (aka the easter bunny) gave me these little treats...
And I have been doing some tidying of my craft area and continuing with the Hexagon blanket. So all in all, we have had a very relaxing weekend.

The boys are now on School holidays for 2 weeks although I still have to work my usual days and my sweetheart doesn't get holidays like teachers do. He will be having a very quite time at school over the next 2 weeks with only the admin staff there (most of the time).

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Blossom said...

ok.....*bottle bottom pincushion*

please explain???
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