Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Exercise is Dangerous.

Late yesterday afternoon we decided to walk to the park as a family and play some footy and basketball. Well, I was having a go at doing jump shots (if you know me it was something to behold I am sure) and I landed awkwardly and twisted my ankle. As I landed the basketball came back to me and smacked me in the nose causing it to bleed. I can tell you it must have been a very funny site (although not from my end) and the boys thought it would have been good if we had caught it on video. I was rocking on the ground in excruciating pain and in tears and then had to hobble home two blocks. I now have a sore nose and an ankle that is twice it's normal size and can't put any weight on it. I have had to call in sick to work as I wouldn't be able to get around. I work on the first floor and there are only stairs which I know I can only get up at the moment by crawling. I am hoping that a day home today to rest will be enough for me to be able to put weight on my foot tomorrow and hobble around again. 
Maybe I will think twice next time before doing ball activities or just have to be a bit more careful.


Blossom said...

You poor thing.keep your foot up,take lots of painkillers........

Hoping you are up and about soon.


clare's craftroom said...

Poor thing hope it improves quickly .

clare's craftroom said...

Hi thankyou for visiting and following my blog , it's nice to meet you .