Thursday, April 9, 2009

There is a surprise at the end!

Well progress has been made on the crochet hexagon blanket with the completion of the first row and a half. 
I must admit that I find it a struggle to be random about the colours and placement of the hexagons. I am usually quite particular about symmetry and balance and this is a challenge for me, although I must admit that I do like how it is turning out and it is really fun and relaxing to make. Now that the pattern is in my head I can just sit and go without too much thought. I must admit that I have had to print an A4 size photo of Lucy's blanket to work out my colour combinations as I had started to over think them and was getting a little frustrated. It has made it so much easier to just look at her picture and know which one to do next.

Also on the crochet front I made another bag but this time in miniature. This is the perfect size to fit just my purse, phone and keys. I had been given 2 balls of chunky wool for my birthday a couple of years ago but hadn't come across the right kind of project for them. Well this bag was it and 2 balls was just the perfect amount without a single piece left over.
My 11yo  little guy decided that it made a better hat than a bag and I must admit it does fit his head pretty good.

I had a go at some book making last week. I was inspired by this post and when I went to Boarders I found that they actually sold Moleskine note books. When I saw the price and how they were made, I realised that I could whip one up myself. So this is totally handmade. 
I cut up an exercise book that was left over from my boys last year, found a piece of blue card and sewed them together on the sewing machine. It worked really well and I think that it came up not too bad. Some more of these may be in the making to sell at the next craft camp.

This is one of my WIPs. It is for another one of my Bottle Bottom pincushions. 
I used a transfer pen which I have found really useful although it does tend to produce a very thick line to sew on but I think it is not too bad.  It certainly makes transferring stitcheries onto fabric a lot easier and the one transfer can be used multiple times. 
(image courtesy of this blog).

And lastly I thought I would show you what's on my desk at work. 
This may come as a big surprise to a few of you but I must admit that I am a huge fan of Lara Croft and I have most of the Tomb Raider games and both movies. I am a keen Play Station gamer (when I have a spare few minutes) and when you live in a family of all boys you need to do something to fit in.