Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Happy fathers day. I am posting the cards that were made in my house this fathers day.

This is the card that my 11yo son made for his dad. He also made a special fragrance sachet for the car which he had stitched himself and also a CD with a movie file that he also did at school. My husband really loves getting handmade gifts from his boys as it makes it extra special knowing that they took time and were thinking of him when they made it.

This  is the card that I made for my sweetheart telling him that he is a really great dad. I bought him a Precision Screwdriver set, a Gas bottle fuse (safety thingy), Itunes cards, and the good old favourite socks & jocks.

This card I made for my father in law. He got some socks and a polo shirt.

It was also my brother in laws birthday so we celebrated that today as well. 
This is the card that I made for him.

I hope that you all spoilt the fathers in your lives and that you had a very special day.


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