Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Special Softie for ME?

This arrived at my house yesterday.
 His name is "Stitchy". 
He was made by my 14yo son in his Textiles class and I think he did a pretty good job. He had finished his term project, which was a pair of boxer shorts, and had some spare time so decided to whip this up. I would claim him for my own as I really do appreciate the effort that has gone into it but my son really wants to keep him.

Here is a sneak peak at the stitcheries that I have completed for my Stitching Angels Armchair Caddy. I just need to put it all together and I will have completed two of the projects. 

As school holidays start next week I will have a bit more time so am hoping to complete all of the required projects and hopefully get my gift sent off to my Angel all the way over in Meldorf, Germany (this is a big clue as to who I have if she ever has a wanders into my blog). I would have loved to have sent lots of little treasures her way during the swap but as postage to Germany is so expensive I am going to have to put everything together in one package. I really do hope that she likes my gifts to her. 
I am really looking forward to seeing what comes my way, as I have been looking at other Angels blogs and there is some pretty impressive work being done out there.
Enjoy your Friday, I know that I will as we are looking at a day of 29 deg C. What beautiful spring weather we are having right now.

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